Product Datasheets

Celesco's new SG Series string pot provides linear sensing up to 120 inches.

SG Series Provides Economical Linear Position Solution.

The SG Series expands on the ever popular SP series and pushes out the measurement range even further to 120 inches (3 Meters).

This series offers the perfect, economically priced sensing solution for the OEM or single piece user alike. The SG series comes in 80-inch and 120-inch full stroke range options with 4 different industry standard output signals: a 10k ohm potentiometer for a voltage divider signal, 4-20mA, 0-10 volts and both CAN Open and CAN J1939.

Every sensor is built with a rugged polycarbonate body designed to withstand common application abuses from moderate impacts to harsh chemicals and IP67 protection to stand up to most factory and outdoor applications. Additionally our "free-release" tolerant design helps guard against cable failure up to accidental free-release. The rubber snubber at the base of the eyelet helps cushion any accidental free release up to a distance of 15 inches.

Model SG1 (Voltage Divider Output)

The SG1 is a simple "bare bones" stringpot without any signal conditioning or voltage regulation. The heart of this sensor is a high-cycle 10K ohm conductive plastic potentiometer that delivers a smooth, precise voltage divider output signal proportional to the travel of the spring-loaded measuring cable. Simply connect a stable, well regulated DC power source and you're good to go.

The SG1 has 3 different electrical connection options:

If no addtional environmental protection is required, the SG1 is available without a cover and signal connections are made directly to the solder terminals on the pot. Recommended when the sensor is protected and space is at a premium.

We also offer an M12 connector option with an O-ring sealed cover to protect against wet environments and an IP67-rated strain relief with 40 inches of electrical cable when a connector is not required or you wish to use your own.

Model SGD (4-20mA, 0-10 Vdc)

rear viewoutput signal

The SGD provides a customer selectable 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc output signal. Simply connect the appropriate pins on the included M12 connector and that's it. No special jumpers or dipswiches to set.

Additionally, the SGD has been designed to work in both indoor and outdoor environments and offers IP67 protection against the elements.

Models SGH and SGJ (CAN OPEN and CAN J1939)

output signalrear view

The SGJ and SGH provide CANbus connectivity. The SGJ communicates via CANbus SAE J1939 and has been designed for mobile or other factory applications.

The SGH is our CANOpen sensor for factory automation. Baud rate, Node ID and Data Rate can be set using internal dip-switch settings or programmed using the CAN network. Both sensors ship with a 5-pin M12 connector and additional corsets are available.

Got an OEM Application?

With an excellent track record providing custom sensors to the OEM market, Celesco offers the SG1 and SGD as the perfect economical solution to meet customer specific demands.

Celesco can quickly design, build and manufacture an affordably priced customized, sensor to meet just about any customer’s needs. Custom solutions can be brought to fruition typically in days rather than weeks or months.