Product Datasheets

Celsco's SR1 Series Programmable String Pots Offers Low Costs, Unmatched Quality

The SR1 Series provides an off-the-shelf, rugged, low-cost, high performance linear position sensor solution that has been designed for wet environments and outdoor applications.

Originally designed for off-road construction equipment, the SR1 Series is now available in 4 different models that are in stock and ready to ship!

The SR1M provides a 4...20 mA linear position output signal over a maximum 125-inch full stroke range.

For smaller stroke ranges, the internal digital controller board allows the end user to easily re-program the zero and span settings to precisely match the required stroke range. The SR1M can be set for any range from a 0-125 inch stroke all the way down to a 0-25 inch stroke with the ease of simply pushing a button. This model is powered via the two-wire current loop and every sensor ships with the universally accepted M12 field installable connector.

The SR1V ships with a 0-10 volt position feedback signal factory calibrated to the full 125-inch stroke. Just like the SR1M, the user can also easily rescale the output signal of this model to stroke ranges less than 125 inches.

Additionally an internal dipswitch allows the customer to change the factory setting to one of four possible full scale output options: 0 to 5, 0 to 10, -5 to +5, or -10 to +10 VDC.

The SR1E offers an incremental encoder linear position signal over its full 125-inch stroke range. This sensor ships standard with a 100-pulse-per-inch quadrature encoder with a 5...30 Vdc push-pull driver designed to connect to a wide array of encoder interfaces.

Other resolutions are available, please ask for further information.

The SR1A ships with a 10K ohm precision potentiometer to deliver a voltage divider signal over the full stroke range. As the stroke range of the SR1A cannot be rescaled like our other models, we currently offer two ranges: 62 inches and 125 inches.

Additional Benefits Include:

Flexible Mounting
Each SR1 model is an off the shelf transducer that comes complete with a versatile mounting bracket. The bracket provides multiple cable exit direction options for customers which allow it to be mounted to any vertical or horizontal service.

Universal Connectivity
The SR1 Series string pots ships with the universally accepted field installable M12 connector. Additional 4 meter cordsets are also available.

How It Works
Under constant tension, the stainless steel measuring cable of the SR1V wraps around an internal spring-loaded spool coupled to a rotary precision potentiometer. As the in and out movement of the measuring cable rotates the spool, the changing signal from the potentiometer is then converted by the microcontroller to the appropriate output signal.